Sunday, March 25

Coming out of hiding.

A lot of stuff has gone on since I last posted. I went to a nearly impromptu interview with Stormfront Studios at the school, which went rather well, but I don't believe I'll be hired. Either way, it was a good experience, and they did like my reel. Apparently my jump isn't very good, so I'm going to redo it with a better model (most likely Norman). I'm also working on a giraffe walk. It's not the best model either for some things, so it's taking some time.

Also, I've started working on some 2D VFX for an independent feature film called Half-Life. The only thing is I'm basically doing digital inking, which requires the use of a wacom tablet, a tool I've used only briefly before, so I'm basically just getting used to it now. Unfortunately I can't post any of the work here, so you'll all just have to wait till it comes out by the end of the year.

That's about it for now... I'll try and post some work up tomorrow.


Ally said...

dude you have to send me the giraffe! I love giraffe's!!!! :D

Hoshi Neko said...

Giraffes are indeed awesome. I was wondering what had happened to you, Tanith! You disappeared! :O We've all been a bit quiet on the art front lately...shame on us all. But I think we've all been super busy - I know I have.

Congrats on the inteview - that's always an important step! I hope you get the job! :D