Friday, July 27

So noir...

"She was pretty, for a dame, but there was something sad about the way she sat at the bar. It was the way she stared across at her reflection in the mirror not even taking one sip of the mahogany glass of guinness before her that caught my intrigue..."

Thursday, July 26


Thursday, July 19


So here's a character design sketch I did yesterday at The Grove and colored today. I just really need to build up my portfolio. Anyways, not really much to say about this girl - she's an archaeologist and she's on a dig in Peru. Whoo.

Tuesday, July 17

in the background

So I've been doing a lot of concept and pre-production work for my short and it's going pretty well. I took some old sketches and I'm working on rendering them into colored backgrounds. I'm doing them in shades of color first so I can de-saturate them later. I want the whole thing to be black and white or very, very muted colors. Anyways, this is what I've worked on recently. More to come soon... very soon. Like so soon you won't even have time to take a bathroom break. Okay maybe not that soon.

Friday, July 6

peter pan or super man?

Wow, I hadn't realized it was a month since I last posted something. Time goes by much too quickly when you're busy every day.

Today I took some time to get accustomed to drawing and coloring in photoshop with a tablet. I think I'm getting pretty good :)