Tuesday, March 13

Human Jump.

So, as I feel the quickest way to improve my reel at the moment is to continue doing what I started doing the other week when Paige and I filmed me jumping off some cement wall at one of the Squares in San Francisco.

I only worked on this for about 2 hours, and haven't even finished the key poses yet. The timing is by no means settled. It's just me putting the poses in the timeline.

This is also a test of a rigged model that I got from Cindy. It's kinda weird... actually makes me miss Norman in a way. This character has a lot less options for animating him such as you only have the options to "curl" and "separate" the fingers in the rig. I think you may be able to rotate them joint by joint if you have the joints showing, but that's a pain in the butt. The worst, by far though, is the arms. They don't make any sense!

Blah... anyways, enjoy, but I'm not really looking for much of a critique yet because well, the whole thing is needing improving and basically I'm just copying my footage. I'll be looking for critiques once I have the timing and and poses finished, but feel free to mention anything you think might just be a big fat mistake!

Also, I have just been sketching weird stuff lately. Weird stuff. I don't know why. Sort of stream of conscious sketching, (i.e. doodling). I drew weird shapes without looking, and then turned them into faces, no matter what shape I got. It's a fun excercise if you need help figuring out how to exaggerated faces.

Also, I drew some face sketches of Gabrielle, and needless to say, I still have to really figure out her shapes. It's tough trying to draw something from different angles before you know what they look like. Most of the faces turned out to be crap, but a few, like this one were pretty good. I think the eyes are just a little too big. And I also did the redesign of the Baroness. It's not a finished sketch yet, because clothes takes a while to design, but that's the basics of her.

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Ally said...

Well your not gonna get a critique because I still can't seem to watch your animation. It still says loading...

Aside from that, I'm liking your baroness much better than before. Although, I hope she'll be clothed some more, or I guess she is; the lines are just really light. I like her pissed off look, hehe.

The drawings of Gabby look great to me! Haha I just realized she's wearing sunglasses in one, lol that's cute. Hardly see an animated character in a good pair of shades. :P :D