Wednesday, March 23

The Littlest Unicorn

I'm going to be re-designing my website soon and I was trying to think of themes and characters to put on the main page and everything, so I came up with a few and this little unicorn was one of them. Not sure if I'll use her, but I still think it's hilariously cute anyways.

(done in pencil and copec markers).

Friday, March 18

Sketch Page!

Here's a page of sketches that I wanted to give some love too since many of them will never see final colors.

Thursday, March 3

Hellboy and Liz

I've been going fast to get this piece done tonight to print for Emerald City Comicon this weekend, and I'm pretty happy with the way it's turned out! There was one element I left out because I didn't have time to finish it, but eh, maybe I'll add it when I get back and have "free-time" or something.

Hellboy is probably my favorite comic. I'm not the hugest fan of super hero comics mainly because of the art styles, but HB is done so well, and I admire Mike Mignola so much that I just can't stop staring at the pages. Plus, Hellboy and Abe are two of the most likable super heroes. Anyhoo, this is mostly based off of the second Hellboy film, Rise of the Golden Army. Liz is great too because she's super sassy and not stereotypical at all of female characters in comic movies. And besides, I think Hellboy and Liz are adorable in the movies!