Friday, March 16

Jump attempt #2.

Because YOUTUBE is a piece of crap, I uploaded my videos to my xanga site. It seems to be much friendlier and prettier quality as well. Anyhow, here's my jump (not finished with the landing poses) and the timing hasn't been set. Basically all it is so far is me putting the poses in. Whoo hoo. The reason there is no end yet is because that was the end of my reference footage haha, so I have to figure out how the rest will be.

I also have some sketches of Gabrielle, but I'm too tired to scan them right now. That's for tomorrow morning.

Good night and good luck.

-ERM err... TLC

1 comment:

Ally said...

haha yes Xanga looks like better quality but did you notice at the end it shows related videos below the play again button and there is a baby on oxygen in an incubator or something. That must be related to your jump. O.o

Jump looks good as far as posing goes although the landing does confuse me when he goes forward and then back. Don't know if that's what your talking about in your post or not. :P