Monday, March 12

Too many men to choose from.

So, since I'm feeling malevolent towards FLASH, I will curse it here first before my sketches.


Why must you close on me for no reason twice when I try to run you, and THEN after being open for nearly 45 minutes, you choose to close before I've saved anything?!?!?!

I was working on creating a flash character to animate, and I hadn't gotten very far (I was doing the line work) and then *poof* like a fuckin' faery, Flash disappears on me. Little bastard!! UGH.

So, I didn't feel like opening flash back up.

- - - - - - -

GET ON WITH IT. Sketch time.

I was truly unhappy with the first version I drew of Bastien, because his pose lacked rhythm, and his face was slightly too cartoony compared with Gabrielle's, so I did a lot of, um "research", i.e. looked at hot guys on GQ's website, and drew a bunch of sketches of those poses, and shortly after, did a new, much more rhythmic drawing of Bastien with some changes. So, I've decided to put the three of them up together, so you can see whose STYLE more closely resembles Gabrielle, and who fits the better description of her Bastien: he is a silly guy, though fairly quiet; he's sometimes intimidated by the fact that Gabrielle loves driving him around on her motorcycle, but that's just because he's afraid they'll crash and die; he loves her tres beaucoup (very much) and is kind of the pillar of calm to her bubbly, adventurous personality.

I think I've figured out what I think, but I want everyone else's opinions first. Or should I just scrap them both and try again??

And first, a detail of the new (and debatably improved) Bastien.


So, guess what... after posting this and deciding to go to bed, my brain was so annoyed at the fact that I had two versions of a character that I liked certain things about, and yet it still wasn't right. So, here I am one hour later posting the new sketch I did of the "hybrid". Don't mind his expression, it's sort of how I feel right now as it's almost 5am, and I can't stop DRAWING. Oh, and don't mind his legs either, I know they're a little funky, but again, 5am = not so perfect lines. Anyways, continue on with the discussion of who fits the bill best of "Bastien".


Ally said...

hm--I like the Bastien on the left (the new one). I too thought about a mixture of the two but I'm not sure the hybrid is working either. The one on the left has this very, cute/quiet look to him. I like that he's tall and lanky next to Gabrielle who seems so petite and cute. So my opinion is the guy on the left--although I do like the vest on the other Bastien. But I don't think it fits with the character.

Ally said...

oh and btw Flash quits on me ALL THE TIME, but it's usually very scheduled. I can't ever publish more than once. The second time I try and publish it quits on me, always. It's weird, but I always thought Flash was a really buggy program. So just keep saving--it's not just you. We need a Flash Quits support group. :P

Hoshi Neko said...

I just can't use flash at all because it sucks that bad. ;P Though I guess I should practice more because I want to know how to use flash! Grr!

Anyway. I, too, like the one on the left best. I think I like the HEIGHT of the middle one best because he wasn't tall enough on the right but on the left he seems SUPER tall like he's 7 feet and she's 5 feet. haha, which would make an awkward pairing. I like the quiet personality, as Ally was describing, of the left version.

Alina Chau said...

Coool pages of character drawings!!