Wednesday, March 7

Craptastic to Fantasmic

Last night I attempted to do a sketch of Spring, but it her head ended up too large and the feet and legs are all wrong, so I tried doing another sketch this morning which turned out even worse. I'm only posting this because they are THAT bad, and you can laugh with (or at me).

The only part that turned out awesome are the hands from the first drawing. So, hooray for me and sometimes being able to draw.

And so after getting frustrated with the cartoony characters, I decided to sketch from a magazine, and also draw some more realistic characters. I don't know where the backwoods/rural couple came from, but here they are.

I finally drew a character design of Gabrielle that I LIKE. Gabrielle is a character I created for a short that I wanted to do two years ago. I still want to do it, but the story is so screwy now that all I have as a solid foundation is:

a. Gabrielle lives in Paris.
b. She lives in a cute apartment with her overly affectionate cat.
c. She rides a motorcycle or moped (can't decide which yet).
d. She owns a little cafe.
e. One day she gets upset about something and takes a sudden trip to a small bed and breakfast with a peach orchard in the mountains.
f. Something happens in said orchard that makes the story... what? I do not know.

In any case, here she is! A design that I am finally satisfied with.


Ally said...

I like how sometimes blogger gives me a pop up window to comment from and other times it doesn't. I think when you comment first they only give you the pop up. But it's annoying because with all the artwork I want to look at them WHILE I comment. lol

Your and Vanessa's drawings make me want to draw. Infact I think I'm going to pick up my sketchbook when I get home, lol. I wish I could draw more from my head though :(

Anyway--I like the spring drawing on the left! The one on the right I can see what your talking about, but I love her hair in that one. Well in both of them--I like how she doesn't seem to have a definite hair style. It's just all over the place, like she's always in a windy place. :P

I like your sketches from the magazine--and the backwoods rural couple. lol. I love collecting fashion photography so I can draw it later. :P

And Gabrielle is so trendy! I love that pose for her--she looks like this really awesome girl who's just so excited about life. :) I can totally picture her in Paris!! And her apartment would have all these things in it that she's collected over the years. Knick nacks and such. We'll have to think about that Orchard bit does happen....

Tanith said...

ooh, thanks! :-D a really happy, excited character is exactly what I was trying to convey with Gabrielle! I just could never draw it right hehe.

oh and the comment pop up thing used to confuse me too... if you go to the edit comments section you can change it to a pop-up comment window from the regular link.

and yay! go sketch! :-D it's actually fun sometimes ;)