Wednesday, May 26

I like to draw Fruits!

I love to sketch from the Japanese magazine Fruits. It's a street fashion magazine that has high res, full-body photos of lots of crazy and overly stylish girls in Japan. It's a great way to push my outfit design, and hair styles. Unfortunately most of the poses they are in are pigeon-toed with surprised expressions on their faces, but sometimes you find some poses that are real gems. Either way, fun to draw, and always the full-body, which for me is important. I don't like drawing just heads. I need more work on arms and hands. Feet and legs are probably my favorite thing to draw anyways, so getting to draw them is always a plus! (Wow, that was probably the dorkiest sentence I've written in months...).

Obviously the kitty wasn't in the magazine.... =^.^=

Monday, May 24

Progressive measures must be taken...

...And by that I mean, I shall post a progress of my (insanely slow) coloring process. Okay, I'm being a bit harsh on myself, I was and have been feeling sick since last Friday, and I'm also experimenting with new coloring processes so it's not as if I'm just naturally slow at this stuff. I can whip out watercolor paintings in a couple of hours. So, just give me time to get over my perfectionista personality while I figure this stuff out and get to feeling better in the process. I've also been researching a lot of Mary Blair art to get help on how much linework I should include in the illustration as opposed to just flat color.

On the other side of things I have a few sketches from Sketch Bomb! on Saturday. I was feeling okay enough to make it out to that which was nice because I got to meet some awesome new people, and do this awesome sketch that I'm turning into an illustration; the theme was take something from a film for grown-ups and make it for kids. Naturally I turned to the most icky things I could think of.... severed limbs... wood-chipper... Steve Buscemi...

...there is a pink rainbow in the colored version! Betcha just can't wait to see that!

Thursday, May 20

Sketches from yesterdays.

Sketches from reference from National Geographic.

Wednesday, May 19

Just so you know I'm not a loser...

A progression of my slow coloring skillz! Here is Marie Antoinette on her way to being colorful!

So you see, I am in fact still working on art! I've just been super busy the last few days! I spent Sunday and Monday traveling on a trip to Yosemite with my boyfriend and his brother and his roommate. It was tons of fun! By the employee lodges there were all these cool trees with flowers growing upwards on the branches so it looked like they were lillypads floating in the air. So here's a couple, little photos from the trip that I thought was really pretty... obviously taken with my crappy camera on my phone! I really wanted that blue bike in the background....... mmmmm bike....

(There was a bear at the bottom of this waterfall and no one ran away screaming! ...People are pretty dumb in national parks!)

Friday, May 14


Watched Marie Antoinette last night while I was sketching, so the first thing I ended up drawing was her in her Austrian outfit because I love the simplicity of it and the colors. The whole over-the-top French style is just gaudy most of the time. Plus she had the cutest little pug, Mops!

I also wanted to work on a drawing meme which was draw a character age 5, 13, 17 and 25. I only got to 17, so tonight, I have another sketch to do, then color them and post the meme probably on Saturday.

Thursday, May 13

Uncanny Rogue!

So the other night, Ryan, and I were sketching at Cup-a-Joe's and I decided that it was time to start doing some fan-art to get more people to find my stuff. I've always been iffy on drawing fan-based art because I don't like using other people's characters for my own benefit. Though it seemed like a good idea to at least just draw characters I love, so Rogue was the first one to pop into my head.

She has always been my favorite X-Men character, and I love her sassy expressions, not to mention her bold, white streak of hair. So this is my little tribute to Rogue. Ryan is supposed to post the sketch he drew of Gambit sometime so we can both be super nerds together. <3

Also... I sketched the Dalai Lama.

Yay Buhddism!

Monday, May 10

Prudence Final Colors. FOR SERIOUS.

I just had to make a decision on Prudence's design. This seems simple and easy for me to draw consistantly. Also a semi-final design of Simon. I just gotta settle on some designs or I'll never get to the animation part!

Next time, more character pages of these two and hopefully a final drawing of the merman!

Saturday, May 8

Drunk Sketches!

I don't usually draw when I've been drinking but last night I was at a pub with Ryan, Laura and Mike and there was a minute where I was all alone at the table while people were getting drinks and so I busted out my sketchbook. It sort of turned into a random drunken sketch jam!

Thinking about drawing hands while drunk is really probably the hardest thing I've tried to do, so I attempted to draw my right hand... it didn't turn out so bad drawing from life strangely enough o.O

Thursday, May 6

Florence + the Machine

Now I realize that I said I was going to post a progression of the viking, and I will, but I was sketching last night and it turned out pretty uncool so I had to fix it this morning and I feel better about the drawing now. I'm going to turn this into an illustration so I'm trying to get it to be perfect and when I try to make things "perfect" it turns me into a crazy person. Swearing at lines and eraser shavings and such.

Anyhoo, been listening to Florence + the Machine a lot lately and I <3 that girl's voice and songs so much I had to just do an illustration of her, so this is the starting point.

Listen to Florence + the Machine sing "Dog Days Are Over" here! You won't regret it.

Monday, May 3

Viking Sketch from Sketch Bomb

Drew this a couple of weekends ago for Sketch Bomb and I really liked how the character came out so I really want to do something with him.

I'm too sleepy to really get started on this coloring, but I just cleaned up most of the lines (not quite really with the giant mallet or the squished dragon...) and I want to post a progression of how this goes. I'm really trying to do the post something every day thingamaroo and since I probably won't be working on anything tomorrow after work because Ryan gets back from LA tomorrow morning <3 <3 <3 and I haven't seen him for three whole days. (I'm a goober, I know this.)

So yay... pencils and beginning layout....

So sleepy....

ZZzzzZzZzZzzZzzZZzZzZZZzzzzzz......... .... .. .

Sunday, May 2


Okay maybe not mania. I still suck at doing colors digitally. Here's a test. Hmmmm.... :-/

Saturday, May 1