Monday, April 30


Okay, so I finished the first poster.


Here it is.

Now, honestly, I don't know what to do for the part of her hair that reads "Bjork". Is the background good?

Is it appealing like that? I don't know. I'm kinda lost. Help?

It was yesterday, but...

Happy Birthday Ally! I know I already posted this on your Myspace page, but it really wouldn't be fair of me not to post it here!

Sunday, April 29

Bjork Poster Rough 1

This is an unfinished rough of the second poster. The linework is obviously not finished yet, but I wanted to post my progress and mess around with the colors, as I'm a total geek for coloring.

Anyhoo, that's all.

Saturday, April 28

Poster by the Poster (har har)

I'm doing a design for a Bjork concert poster contest (mostly just cuz I want to make myself FINISH something!). So here are the two designs I'm working on. I'm going to outline them and clean them up in Illustrator. Both are drawings of Bjork. It'll be easier to tell once her hair is super dark and her skin is super pale. And I thought it'd be funny if she had a feather in her mouth in the first one. (Anyone remember the swan dress? perhaps?).

Wednesday, April 25

It's not mail, it's post.

I think that I finally got the legs right. The only thing to fix now is the popping in the head, neck and shoulders, and fix the floaty backside, and there seems to be a bit of a float in the middle of the run.

Anyways, I know mostly what I need to fix, and I'm just posting cuz... I need to post.



Wednesday, April 18


This is really just a test to see if stupid youtube hates me still.

Friday, April 13

Sorrow drips into your heart through a pin-hole.

I was trying to finish the wolf animation today. I don't have a new clip to post, (not that it seems to matter for you Ally lol Youtube doesn't want you to see my wolf run!) So I've been drawing the last few hours. Here's two sketches. One is a sketch for the comic book and the other is a self-portrait of how I'm feeling right now.

Thursday, April 12

Happy Halloween! Err... Birthday!

This is a birthday card I made for one of my best friends back home. She was born in April but she loves fall. And she's got really lovely red hair, and she likes paganism, so I figured this was a good birthday card with a pumpkin cake hehe.

Also, I like drawing hugs... so this drawing came out. And it's really very, very tiny.

Also, I did some sketches for ideas for the comic book thing. (The Roman looking one isn't a comic book sketch).

Here's another version of the wolf run. Still not finished, but I'm looking at some live action reference.

Monday, April 9

Wolf? Dog? I don't know.

Well that was amusing. My so-called "tomorrow" is actually like ten days later. Oh well.

So this is a dog run I just started working on tonight. There's a bit of a pop with the rear, and the tail is eluding me on how it should look, but I'm sure there are a multitude of other things wrong with it.

Rip it apart, s'il vous plait!

Oh yes, and just because I never posted it, here is the finished female cultist walk. Yippy skippy.

::EDIT:: - UGH! Leave it to me to notice a pop in the leg AFTER I've posted stuff up. Well, whatever. Sorry female cultist, we'll fix you tomorrow.