Wednesday, March 7

Horse jump study #1.

Thumbnail drawings of a horse jump.


Ally said...

heyyy! That looks good!! I wish you were here, you could come with me when my mom goes riding and take awesome reference footage. I may have something I could send you if you need it. I like it though--how did you get it to animate through just a picture like that?

I also just realized that this issue of 3D world is all about animals. I haven't read through it yet--maybe today I'll be bored at work and I'll see if there is anything worthwhile. I'll scan and post it. :P

Hoshi Neko said...

Wow, that looks amazing. I'm always impressed by animator's ability to be so consistant from frame to frame...when I draw it's like one picture looks completely different from frustrating. I really like the back leg movements - I can totally see that you thought out how a horse's legs would move. Cool!

Tanith said...

Thanks gys! It's just a study so far, these are tiny images, so once I really understand how the horse moves then I'll start drawing them bigger.

Ally - thanks for the offer! any reference is always always helpful. oh, and this is just an animated .GIF file. you can export it from AE like that and under the compression options you can select "looping".

Vanessa - I know what you mean about (what we call) staying on model. that's why its so important to have a solid character design before you start drawing the animation. when I draw these larger it'll be a whole lot harder to keep them looking similar!

Ally said...

Alrighty--I'll email myself to send you my horse reference. That and I have those animal articles from 3D World that I'll try and get posted later. :P