Thursday, May 31

le cahier est fin!

so i finished up my sketchbook last week at some point, which is truly a first for me. usually i just get about ten pages away from the end and buy a new one because the new semester is starting, but obviously i'm not in school anymore, and i somehow ended up drawing 10 times as much as i ever drew in my sketchbook before. so i bought a new one today and did some sketches. not many, but it's a promising start. i don't feel like scanning right now, so i'll just post the progress on the concept art i'm coloring in photoshop.

indie future girl! or something...

Wednesday, May 23

some concept art

Just doing some concept art coloring. Not a lot of time lately to do much besides the crawdaddy illustrations - which there are new ones up of by the way., if you're interested.

Tuesday, May 15

Mini job.

I'm now officially the illustrator for - an online rock magazine. Whoo!

It launches tomorrow. Check it out.

Thursday, May 3

bjork poster nearly done?


or blorp?