Monday, April 9

Wolf? Dog? I don't know.

Well that was amusing. My so-called "tomorrow" is actually like ten days later. Oh well.

So this is a dog run I just started working on tonight. There's a bit of a pop with the rear, and the tail is eluding me on how it should look, but I'm sure there are a multitude of other things wrong with it.

Rip it apart, s'il vous plait!

Oh yes, and just because I never posted it, here is the finished female cultist walk. Yippy skippy.

::EDIT:: - UGH! Leave it to me to notice a pop in the leg AFTER I've posted stuff up. Well, whatever. Sorry female cultist, we'll fix you tomorrow.


Ally said...

Why is it that I can never see your animations? I got to watch the cultist walk, but maybe I just get to just chose one because the dog one isn't loading. I'll try it again later. The walk looks good, except I don't know the model but the feet, when she picks up her foot there isn't much bend in it. Hogan has that ball roll or whatnot where the ball of his foot is still on the ground and the heel raises up. Right now it looks a little stiff.

Ally said...

still cannot play the dog run...