Monday, February 23

Little... Green Riding Hood? Olive? Guacamole?

Again with the sleep thing. I'll do it soon enough! Just let me post this and then I'll go, I swear.

Oh, and, one thing before that; Slumdog Millionaire won best picture? Really? I don't know, this last year sucked for film that weren't of the comic book genre. I'm hoping that with the way the shitty economy is going, we'll get better quality independent films this year. Yay economic crisis!

Tuesday, February 17

And the lights went out in San Francisco...

Yes, I could not make myself sleep while I had this illustration to do. And it was coming up on 5am (what was I thinking still being awake?!) and right when I was putting the finishing touches on the colors... the power goes out. Yes, at during the rainy rain storm outside, the power cut to my computer and I'm retarded because I know I should have a surge-protector but I have been too cheap to buy one.

In any case, I now put off going to work on time to finish the illustration for reals.

Partially inspired by: 'Just Like Honey', The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Tuesday, February 10

the inspiration fairy visits me at midnight

i couldn't even think of going to sleep till i finished this. maybe now my creativity will be appeased.

i heart winter.