Sunday, March 4


Without a job to keep me in the know about the times (i.e. - what day of the week it is) I really was sort of taken by surprise when I realized today was the second day of Wondercon here in San Francisco. I really wish I'd had the obvious smarts to get my portfolio really ready to be seen by industry people. I had all my old work (up to the Bugses) and I just really didn't feel like that was the best examples of what I can do, but I wanted to hear what they had to say none-the-less. I did however get to make up these really spiffy little cards with Autumn on them, and everyone seemed to like her the most out of all the designs they saw (quite a feat considering that on the card she was just over an inch in size).

Everyone I talked to was really helpful and humbling. I love comic book artists and animators. I thoroughly believe they are the least self-important people in the world. They're never, ever convinced that their work is good enough, even if it's the most amazing artwork you've ever seen, they'll still feel that it can be better. It's really rare to find those qualities in purely illustration and fine artists. I think I chose the right field. I love everyone I meet.

Anyhow, I started doing more sketches of the seasons faeries, unfortunately I don't think I have the energy to keep myself awake to finish a new sketch of Winter. I'll get on that shit tomorrow. MmmHMMM.


Ally said...

Yes I do agree with you that we got into the right field. I have yet to meet a stuck up animator--but I'm sure they do still exist.

Tanith said...

hehe I think I actually do know some stuck-up animators... now that I think about it... but very very few of them... like... 3 maybe? :-P