Thursday, March 8

Sketches, more sketches and... a doll?

Today was mostly spent working on THAT. The plush version of my little jumping owl on my website. It's not quite finished yet, as you can tell by the funny look of his left side (your right). I have to finish stuffing him and then figure out how to sew him shut. I believe a ladder stitch is the best answer. (I was busy learning all about making plushies last night). Anyhoo, that's the doll.

The rest of the day was spent at The Grove sketching. I wanted to work on a design for one of the other characters in Gabrielle's story, and this is what I came up with. I know, how do these two tie in together? It's weird, but I can explain... another time. In any case, I began drawing her head too low when I was just scribbling faces, and therefore her body is very small and she looks like, the very short, Sarah Jessica Parker. I don't think I'll be using this version of th character, but I enjoyed drawing these sketches none-the-less.

Lastly I drew a few quick sketches from another project I'm working on (I'm so scattered, I know!) Since I haven't mentioned it on this blog before, this is from my short "The Lamp Post at Fillmore and Pine" and these are rough sketches from the thumbnail storyboard.

And now I'm off to fix my animation reel for GDC tomorrow! Blah.


Hoshi Neko said...

Awesome owl! :D So friggin' cute! OMG! XD I'm just about to start working on some sketches of my own for some other dolls I thought of...I think this could be totally cute. :D How exciting!

Ally said...

haha--so when do I get a doll?? I need a friend for my Ice Bat. :D

I'm sure Melissa would want that owl one. At her gallery opening she was wearing a necklace with three owls on it--very similar to your owl necklace she told you she liked. Same look. :P She found one of her own, haha. (Of course it took Sean a while, but eventually he told her she had nice Hooters. :P)

Anyway--rambling. That first drawing of what I'm pretty sure is the Baroness in your story, looks a lot like Heidi from The Hills. hehe. I dunno when I saw that first sketch I immediately thought of her. :P I like the sketch on the second page on the right. Where she's looking up, but your right, she looks like Sarah Jessica Parker in the other one. Especially with those shoes! haha. But in the other one I really like her pose--the way she's got her head up and is looking to the side. Very haughty.

Your lamppost sketches are cute--that little girl seems very innocent. :) I can't wait to hear about this story!

Alina Chau said...

FUn character drawings!!

Tanith said...

vanessa - hopefully we can perfect the art of plushie making! i think we need to find a better fabric. right now i'm stuffing it with cotton balls hahaha.

ally - haha I've never even seen The Hills! wasn't that the girl who went to our school?

and yup, that's the Baroness, but compared to Gabrielle she doesn't really fit the style exactly. I need more simplistic yet still realistic for that project.

also, we'll see if I can stand this sewing thing... 4 hours yesterday is how long that owl took me! OMG. and my back hurt all day (I'm with you on the pain).

I'll have to make a post about "The Lamp Post" cuz I've been working on that a lot before the Seasons faeries. It's gonna be fun!

alina - thank you! drawing cute characters is way easier for me than drawing serious ones!