Tuesday, March 6

At last...

...Winter has her very own second sketch! Hooray! Those bangs were a lot tougher to deal with than I thought they'd be... it must've taken me three pages before I got the bangs to look right in front of the face.

At last...

...I've figured out a simplified horse design to animate! I've been looking at so much illustrative work lately that I almost forgot how to make easily animatable characters! There is such a distinction between animation characters and illustration characters. The anatomy of an animated character has to be much more solid and weighted (if we're talking classical animation, which is what I need to do for film) and in illustration it's totally okay to tweak a character's design so much that the anatomy and weight may be totally unrealistic, because there is no need to animate an illustration, and you don't have to worry about how a slightly longer arm or leg, or very heavy head might affect the way the character moves. Sometimes I miss having that freedom in animated characters, of course, if you think of 3D characters it gets even tougher because to fix something you can't just erase it or hide something funky, you have to make sure the model and rig work correctly and have all the mobility a real puppet might have.

Anyway, sorry for that long tangent. Case in point, here are some more horse sketches and a couple of my model horse, *Chase. (Yes I gave her a name, I've got a slight obsession with names...).

*she's the horse in pink and brown pencil


Ally said...

hehe I like Winter--she looks like she's partially frozen. I can picture her having ice encased around her, maybe as some sort of super power or something. Or that she's stuck in an iceblock, as some sort of diety.

So are you doing a 2D animation then with this horse? Tired of the shitty horse rig? (that I still haven't looked at, btw, lol). She looks purdy! 3D certainly doesn't have much freedom to change things as easily as erasing with a pencil. But I do think there is more freedom with breaking bones in 2D. hm.

Tanith said...

Haha, yeah, I hate that horse rig, so I'm going to try to do it in 2D first, and then once I really understand how the gallop works, (or maybe the walk, I don't know which yet), I'll be able to animate it more easily in 3D.

I think Cindy gave me a new horse rig, but I'm not sure yet... I'll send you all the rigs she sent me.

Hoshi Neko said...

I love your sketches - you have such a cute style! I especially love the horse, I think that one's Chase, on the righthand side in pink? So cute! So productive! I've been doing a lot of pointless sketches lately. Haha.

Tanith said...

Thanks Vanessa! Yeah, the pink horse sketches are of Chase :) I don't know why, but I've always loved drawing horses. It had a formula for drawing them when I was little - I think my mom has all the drawings still!

Pointless sketches are fun sometimes too! They help give you ideas, it's more like stream of conscious.

Now hurry up and put up some sketches!! :)