Monday, May 19

Glasses Chic

Sometimes I wish I could wear glasses... but not really. I look terrible in glasses.

Saturday, May 17

Sure bert/Sherbet.

For the longest time I thought it was pro-nounced "sher-bert". I've come to realize that I wasn't the only one. Anyways these colors remind me of the rainbow-flavored kind (is rainbow a flavor?). And so do these hot days.

I don't know if I like the real gradient or the blocky gradient better. Hmmm...

Friday, May 16

Prettier than I intended it to be.


I dunno about the colors :-/

Tuesday, May 13


I [heart] plaid.

Monday, May 12

Pin Stripes!

Yeaaaah. I think I should make some prints, of these, what do you think??

Sunday, May 11

hello again. it's been a while.

nothing special. but something.