Saturday, March 10

A Circus of Art.

I did so much stuff today that I don't feel like explaining all of it. First was getting all my shit ready for GDC. Once I got THAT done I went to The Grove to sketch, and drew this character design of Bastien, Gabrielle's boyfriend in her story. Then I did a sketch of my friend Eddie's character for his song "Vampanda" who kills goths by drinking their blood with bamboo fangs (don't ask, it's not my thing lol) and he wants more sketches for more buttons for his band over in London.

I also came up with my T-shirt ideas. I want them to be based around helping the environment, i.e. - tree-hugging and riding your bike instead of driving a car. Thennn when I got home tonight (after finishing the owl at The Grove) I was in a lot of pain in my lower back left side from however it is I sit while sewing. I vowed to never sew dolls again. And then I thought of the perfect idea when I ran across my Princess Mononoke fur left-overs. And consequently, the sketches arrived, and I started cutting it up and.. YES, SEWING. And YES my back hurts again. I may need to hire someone to sew my ideas haha. Anyhow, it's 4am and I'm pooooped.

Rough breakdown:


Ally said...

hehe--I love the doll. And in reading your other comments about the doll, you can buy stuffing at a craft store. I've made a few dolls in my time, and there is definitely a better alternative to cotton balls. :P

Bastien looks like a cute little Paris boy :P Especially with the short pants--that is definitely the thing over in Europe.

The vampire bear--kinda strange. haha but, okey dokey.

I like the t-shirt designs. I'm interested to see the coloring for them. :)

Hoshi Neko said...

Hey Ally, you can buy stuffing at some craft stores but check quilting/fabric stores. They definitely have stuffing that's specifically for dolls. :)

This stuff looks so kick-ass, Tanith! The dool is amazing - did you design that? That's so awesome! I like the shirt designs, too! Thanks to all the bullshit of the weekend, I haven't gotten much done on my end (I'm sorry!) - but I'm going to get my rear in gear and produce some sketches myself. I need to get my head settled, I suppose...but this stuff looks so great! I'm inspired! :D