Monday, October 5

Autumn Smoke

- - - - - -

I'm working on some new ink illustrations for fall...

I can't decide which color scheme feels more like autumn to me. But I have a tendency to make lots of my characters blonde because yellow is my favorite color and I'm biast! But I really just like both color schemes equally.

Maybe I'll just offer two different color prints...

Sunday, October 4

Etsy Store Up and Running!

Check it out peeps! Danielle and I figured out a bunch of store stuff tonight and I've put up temporary images to make it look nice and purdy while I post the first things which are my Birdie Hooks.

Enjoy! (And don't be afraid to pass it along ;) )

Thursday, October 1

Etsy? Etsy!

So here's some pieces I've created to sell up on - a totally rad site for handmade and vintage things. A few months ago I realized that I was sick of throwing my keys on the floor by my bed and forgetting them on the way out andh aving to run back into my room and search for them so I decided to do a little venture into crafts to make a key hook. Well, lo-and-behold, three or so months after the initial idea popped into my head, I've created the one that I needed and a few others to sell on Etsy! So I'm really hoping that these are practical and artsy enough to sell. I'm posting it here first since I'm not ready to set up the seller account yet (it's 1:15 in the morning... I'm so exhausted from the photographing and photo-editing!)

Without further dragging on and on and on, here are my hooks - for jewelry, keys, scarves, headbands, belts, you name it!

Also, a detail of the sides of the wood panels - covered in decorative map paper of old London. And an image of the way each will be wrapped and boxed when sent off!

Wednesday, September 9

My life will never be the same...

Monday night I lost an irreplaceable piece of my heart. By no stretch of the meaning of the word, I lost my soulmate; my other half that would always be there for me and filled any emptiness that would infiltrate my happiness.

Swifty passed away.

I must have told the story of how I came to meet him so many times to people. It's so hard to describe to people what he was to my family, but mostly to me; it hurts to say "my cat" or "my pet" because he wasn't either of those things. He was another part of our family. He may have been a cat, but I couldn't claim ownership of him. He did whatever he wanted to do most of the time, and I was there to help him, and he was there to help me. I remember crying so many nights over my self-esteem or over never being loved by someone, and wishing that there was a real man in the world who gave me the full love and independence that Swifty had. He would have made a perfect human, and he tried to be one most of the time. He was bothered by the fact that after four years of sleeping in my room with me, that he had been sent to live with the other cats in the laundry room (with a flip-flop door to the outside). My allergies didn't let any of the cats wander around the upstairs any longer, so there was no choice. He knew he was always welcome to come upstairs to visit though, and he could open the front door with his claws hooked around the edge to push it open with his head. I used to hear the beaded curtain in my room start to jingle as he barely brushed it and moments later he would jump onto my bed to wake me up.

I could never imagine my life without him in it. He lived through so many things in his long life; a broken hip bone as a one year old; a bout with a horrible disease that claimed three of our older cats when he was seven; he lived with a heart murmur since he was nine and the vet told us he wouldn't live much longer; and for the past three years he had an overactive thyroid that he had to take pills for twice a day - seven years after they told us he wouldn't live much longer. The thyroid eventually caused problems with his kidneys and he had lost so much weight in the last eight months that he was mostly skin and bones the last time I held him in June this year. It broke my heart, but he was still himself. The bright blue eyes and the regal face; he never looked much like ordinary cats. People always called him the baby tiger as he was twice the size of an average cat and his nose wasn't small and square but long and distinct.

His fur wasn't long but medium length, but his tail was long with orange and white fur. I remember teasing him with his own wriggling tail as a kitten and brushing the soft tufts of fur that curled out of his ears and holding his pure white paws in my hands. He would climb up on the top of a cabinet just so he could press his cheeks to my forehead to tell me how much he missed me.

I was eight years old when I met Swifty. If I'd never met him, I wouldn't be who I am today. I wouldn't have the compassion or the confidence or the knowledge of love that he gave to me. I know he loved me back, and I only have one regret; that I couldn't be there with him in his last moments. I didn't want it to end this way, but I knew he couldn't live forever the way he was. I've never felt this void before, and I know it's not the only void I will ever feel, but it's the missing of his proud purring, the painful, but loving doughing of my skin, and his very presence that I will always miss... and most importantly never be able to forget.

I love you so much Swifty. So much this doesn't do justice to how much you are already missed. I love you.

Monday, September 7

More Fall Obsession

I haven't been able to draw in over a month, so even though I'm just being a dork and designing clothes, at least I'm drawing again!

Saturday, September 5

Want. Fall. Things.

I've been cruising looking up all the awesome things that I can't afford on there and thinking that I should start putting things up for sale on there that I couldn't afford for other people who can afford it.

But aside from that, in my sadness of no infinite monies, I decided to draw the outfit I want to create instead. It's kinda sorta like having these things... except not at all :(

The jacket was the best so I stole its color scheme!

Wednesday, July 29

It's getting out of hand....

I've drawn so many revisions of my merman story that it's getting far too complex.

I think I will just finish it in storyboard form and not worry about animating it.

For the short department, I will do this short that I storyboarded out years ago (except the last two shots lol).

It's just easier and people won't ask as many questions. I don't want any pointers or help on it because the more "help" I get from people, the more they steer me away from what I was trying to say with my boards and it turns into a three-ring circus. It's not that I don't appreciate what people have to say, it's just they try to make stuff too, what you might call, "Pixaresque", which is fine if you have a lot of time and want to do a ten minute short. I want to do a short short.

I'm confident I can acheive this with this little story.

To begin again...

And when you see where they are standing from far away, the two hillsides come together to form the shape of a heart. And that's the end. Ta-da! Simple! Parfait! Done.

Thursday, July 23


Sketch to see if I could still draw. *sigh* Don't you just hate those days/nights? At least I think there is some talent and skill left in these old mitts.

Sunday, July 19

Archer akin to Robin Hood mahaps?

I've just been working on linework a lot lately. This was a character design sketch I did months ago. So I decided to render him out. I think he's pretty shabangin'.

Friday, July 17

Spanish Rose?

Friday, June 26

Will I ever finish one thing at a time? Probably not.

More (better) sketches of Pru(dence) from my short. Yay!

Hopefully I can do the storyboards tomorrow!

Sunday, June 21

Change of plans...

Well, I've decided not to finish this piece of artwork for the originally intended receiver. Now it's just going to be finished as "random jedi project".

I'm adding shadows and lines... not sure how the shadows are working, but I think it's coming along okay...

Any suggestions would be swell since this is not my usual style of rendering!

Also I'm going to try and do some texture on this once I finish the line work and shadows.

Wednesday, June 17

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you....

All too often, I am reminded of song lyrics when thinking of blog titles.

Here's some more character sketches of Prudence. I'm much happier with this character design; drawing her is like drinking water; it's simple, clean and easy.

I used a few photos from Alix - aka, the Cherry Blossom Girl on her site as reference for a few of the poses. She's got some amazing photography up there, mostly of herself, which is crazy because she sets up the shots and then poses for them with a timer or a switcher. She's a fashion major (she might have graduated by now) in Paris and so her stuff is usually about the clothes, which is fun too. Either way her site is fantastico, so go enjoy the loveliness!

Man, I'm totally giving shout outs lately. I guess I gotta give respect where it's due!