Sunday, September 14

more goblin chic-ness

Yay I got in an art show! New Art 08 at the Hotel des Arts. It's next Wednesday. I'll post the time of the event when I find out ASAP.


447 Bush St (Between Kearny and Grant)
Show opens at 5:30PM

Hope to see you there!

I like giving each painting its own post, so I have more new ones than just this but yeah, whateva, hold yer horses, you'll get the rest soon enough.

Wednesday, September 10

"As Gob as my witness, I'll never go hungry again!"

'Scar-let O'Scare-a'

Okay, maybe not.

I've sort of abandoned my "making models into goblins" dogma - now it's just mostly inspiration from a model and then I make a totally different painting. Seriously, if you saw the reference for this you'd think I posted the wrong photo - you can't even see the girl's hands in the photo. I think I got the reference for her shoulders and the bow... yup that's about it. Anyways, ramble ramble ramble - enough rambling. Goodnight.

Monday, September 8

Goblin Chic Part IV

I know these two don't look hardly anything alike but I really didn't like the colors on the model for being the colors of my goblin. And I just spelled half of the words in that sentence wrong before correcting them, so I need to go to sleep. It's late. I think I'm turning into a goblin myself. Maybe that means I have a chance with David Bowie.

Okay - okay enough ridiculousness. Goodnight.

Saturday, September 6

Goblin Chic Part III

My scanner is so crappy - I can never get the colors to look the same, they always look washed out... boo. Oh well. I really liked the color scheme of this one's hair and hat. However a black coat would have been just too lame. I think a good rule of thumb is to avoid solid black areas at all cost in non-graphic pieces of art. It's just a hole for the viewers eye and sucks all the attention out of the rest of the piece.

Ernimahoo... I need to go buy more of these boards, they're the key to my ugly obsession.

Friday, September 5

Gentlemen prefer blondes.

Erm... well, usually anyway...

Thursday, September 4

Goblin Chic

For the longest time I never really knew how to apply my love of beauty and grotesqueness to my art in the same attempt. I've finally done it. Beauty is extremely dull. The perfection and lack of imperfections takes all the life and interest out of a painting. And so, I've come to start my project of turning high fashion models into hideous goblins, and I'm quite excited at the prospect of more pieces, but it's 1:30 in the morning and... well, maybe I have time for one more.

-original reference-

Wednesday, September 3

The Horned Goddess

So I've started doing paintings on rad these watercolor boards that I only found out about last week. Since I'm a complete moron when it comes to acrylics and oils, I haven't been able to really just do a watercolor painting and be done without worrying about the paper wrinkling and framing it and all that bullshit, so I'm really excited about this mini project!

This is the first one I've done, and honestly, it turned out really well after I'd all but completely given up on it. I think that once you start to worry less about the perfection it ends up working out much better. Now if I could only think of something for the next painting... I haven't been feeling so well lately so my inspiration sort of only comes in short spurts. I think I'll peruse my Brian Froud art book for Labyrinth. Be ready for lots of gross creepy goblins or something soon!