Tuesday, September 25


So, I'm allowed to post awesome photos I take, right? That's still considered art, right?? This kitten is just friggin' ridiculously adorably adorable, right???

Wednesday, September 12

Not David Bowie.

It's nearly impossible to mention an owl to a twentysomething and not have them reminded of David Bowie in Labyrinth.

Alas, this has nothing to do with David Bowie. But I still thought of him.

Tuesday, September 4

Sagitta is turquoise for a reason.

Turquoise is a bittersweet color. It's not quite blue, but it's still sort of sad. There's a hint of yellow in the tint that brings a small sparkle of joy.

Dance for Cupcakes!

At Dolores Park today there were people who had a big sign that said "Dance for Cupcakes" and there were a bunch of cupcakes on a table about ten people dancing around with music from a stereo somewhere. It was super rad. Yay for dancing and cupcakes!