Thursday, April 12

Happy Halloween! Err... Birthday!

This is a birthday card I made for one of my best friends back home. She was born in April but she loves fall. And she's got really lovely red hair, and she likes paganism, so I figured this was a good birthday card with a pumpkin cake hehe.

Also, I like drawing hugs... so this drawing came out. And it's really very, very tiny.

Also, I did some sketches for ideas for the comic book thing. (The Roman looking one isn't a comic book sketch).

Here's another version of the wolf run. Still not finished, but I'm looking at some live action reference.


Ally said...

for the love of crap I still can't see the run!!

Hoshi Neko said...

Me either, I can't see the run! :( Stupid youtube! It better work!

I really like the sketches that you posted Tanith. Sorry that I've been somewhat not around lately, so it took me a while to comment. What's this comic project that you're working on? That sounds awesome...I want a comic project! haha. I always love your characters, they have such great movement! XD I'm jealous of your characters FLOW~!