Sunday, April 29

Bjork Poster Rough 1

This is an unfinished rough of the second poster. The linework is obviously not finished yet, but I wanted to post my progress and mess around with the colors, as I'm a total geek for coloring.

Anyhoo, that's all.


Ally said...

Look at you, blogging away :) I like your color choices--the contrast in her face is really nice with the white, blue, green and black. I love the blue lips. I think there should be some more black in her hair and I'm tempted to say a little bit of another color, although I'm not sure how that would look, but I'm thinking something in the red family. Maybe to accent her just a tiny tiny bit. Your linework is very nice--is that illustrator?

Tanith said...

thanks! yep that's illustrator for the lines, and just colored it in photoshop. there'll be a lot more black once i finish the rest of the linework, including the writing in the hair that's missing. it'll definitely be a different color... not sure exactly yet though.