Saturday, April 28

Poster by the Poster (har har)

I'm doing a design for a Bjork concert poster contest (mostly just cuz I want to make myself FINISH something!). So here are the two designs I'm working on. I'm going to outline them and clean them up in Illustrator. Both are drawings of Bjork. It'll be easier to tell once her hair is super dark and her skin is super pale. And I thought it'd be funny if she had a feather in her mouth in the first one. (Anyone remember the swan dress? perhaps?).


Ally said...

nice! I love them both but I think the first one is more Bjork looking. The pose etc, and of course the feather. haha

Tanith said...

hehe yeah... i love her for being herself and just being brave enough to not follow the "Safe" path. so she gets a feather hehe.