Monday, April 30


Okay, so I finished the first poster.


Here it is.

Now, honestly, I don't know what to do for the part of her hair that reads "Bjork". Is the background good?

Is it appealing like that? I don't know. I'm kinda lost. Help?


Ally said...

hmm...I like the color choices but the bjork is very confusing. I think you should keep the background one color. That spot looks weird. The "r" is great, the "k" is good but I think it could be a little less stout at the bottom. Just slightly to make it stand out as more of a K. The "bjo" is very confusing though. The "o" alone is good but maybe not above the r. I think that's what throws me the most.If it were more between it would read better. And the "b" reminds me of the Disney logo which will eternally look like a modified G Cleft and not a D, to me. So for me it doesn't look like a B, but it could just be what I'm seeing since I have this Disney problem :P To make it stand out more you could also consider getting rid of the piece of hair to the very left that's not a letter. Since it's on the same level as the rest, it looks like it's part of the name. Or turn that strand into the B and move everything over.

Everything else is awesome though! I love the idea of the name in the hair, especially the "o". lol it reminds me of curly hair "o"'s :D

REE said...

great fluidity in your work!