Thursday, May 3

bjork poster nearly done?


or blorp?


Hoshi Neko said...

Sorry I've been MIA, I've been in Atlanta...booo...but this look so super awesome! I love how the hair makes the name...but I wonder if there was a way to make the name a little clearer like maybe change the color a bit or something to make it stand out because that's the most important part of the poster and maybe the background could use a little texture...but those are just minor suggestions. I love the drawing - it's so awesome! I hope you win!

Ally said...

The letters look much clearer now but I agree with Vanessa, maybe a different color to make it stand out more. Even just an outline in some way.

I've got to get my ass back to blogging. ugh. Infact, I'm going to do it right now! :P