Wednesday, June 17

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you....

All too often, I am reminded of song lyrics when thinking of blog titles.

Here's some more character sketches of Prudence. I'm much happier with this character design; drawing her is like drinking water; it's simple, clean and easy.

I used a few photos from Alix - aka, the Cherry Blossom Girl on her site as reference for a few of the poses. She's got some amazing photography up there, mostly of herself, which is crazy because she sets up the shots and then poses for them with a timer or a switcher. She's a fashion major (she might have graduated by now) in Paris and so her stuff is usually about the clothes, which is fun too. Either way her site is fantastico, so go enjoy the loveliness!

Man, I'm totally giving shout outs lately. I guess I gotta give respect where it's due!

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lynnticular said...

All of these (from all the way back at the color stuff) look AWESOME! This is going to be such a kick ass animation - I can't wait to see it!!!