Thursday, October 1

Etsy? Etsy!

So here's some pieces I've created to sell up on - a totally rad site for handmade and vintage things. A few months ago I realized that I was sick of throwing my keys on the floor by my bed and forgetting them on the way out andh aving to run back into my room and search for them so I decided to do a little venture into crafts to make a key hook. Well, lo-and-behold, three or so months after the initial idea popped into my head, I've created the one that I needed and a few others to sell on Etsy! So I'm really hoping that these are practical and artsy enough to sell. I'm posting it here first since I'm not ready to set up the seller account yet (it's 1:15 in the morning... I'm so exhausted from the photographing and photo-editing!)

Without further dragging on and on and on, here are my hooks - for jewelry, keys, scarves, headbands, belts, you name it!

Also, a detail of the sides of the wood panels - covered in decorative map paper of old London. And an image of the way each will be wrapped and boxed when sent off!


Lauren said...

They look awesome Tanith! I think Clara needs one, seeing that she is a repeat key-forgetter.

Morgan Loomis said...

You forgot to include a link to your etsy page, silly!

Tanith said...

Haha... this is true, Morgan... I guess I was just waiting until I put them up!

So yeah... feel free to go there but there isn't anything up yet! I'll definitely post again when I've gotten the shop set up! :)

And Lauren you're soooo right - I think I know a X-Mas present for her hehe.