Wednesday, July 29

It's getting out of hand....

I've drawn so many revisions of my merman story that it's getting far too complex.

I think I will just finish it in storyboard form and not worry about animating it.

For the short department, I will do this short that I storyboarded out years ago (except the last two shots lol).

It's just easier and people won't ask as many questions. I don't want any pointers or help on it because the more "help" I get from people, the more they steer me away from what I was trying to say with my boards and it turns into a three-ring circus. It's not that I don't appreciate what people have to say, it's just they try to make stuff too, what you might call, "Pixaresque", which is fine if you have a lot of time and want to do a ten minute short. I want to do a short short.

I'm confident I can acheive this with this little story.

To begin again...

And when you see where they are standing from far away, the two hillsides come together to form the shape of a heart. And that's the end. Ta-da! Simple! Parfait! Done.

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Alexandra Zedalis said...

aw, that's a cute short :)

Yeah, critique is good but after a certain point you have to just move forward. You'll be storyboarding for ever and never actually making the short!