Monday, May 3

Viking Sketch from Sketch Bomb

Drew this a couple of weekends ago for Sketch Bomb and I really liked how the character came out so I really want to do something with him.

I'm too sleepy to really get started on this coloring, but I just cleaned up most of the lines (not quite really with the giant mallet or the squished dragon...) and I want to post a progression of how this goes. I'm really trying to do the post something every day thingamaroo and since I probably won't be working on anything tomorrow after work because Ryan gets back from LA tomorrow morning <3 <3 <3 and I haven't seen him for three whole days. (I'm a goober, I know this.)

So yay... pencils and beginning layout....

So sleepy....

ZZzzzZzZzZzzZzzZZzZzZZZzzzzzz......... .... .. .

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Paigey-Pie said...

OMG Tanith! I remember when that happened!!! I hope you have a good time with Ryan! I love your work!