Wednesday, April 14

Lighten up!

So obviously I've adjusted my blogger to be more light-hearted with the change of the seasons to spring. (And the fact that I hadn't changed my layout design in over two years!).

So to celebrate, here are my random sketches that I've been doing on card paper lately.

They are markedly attemps at making my drawing skills stronger by forcing myself to deal with the lines I draw and not being able to erase. Also, these are practice for birthday cards I've been making lately (apparently half of my friends were born in April or late March!).

Anyways, here we go again, gotta post a sketch or something every day.

I always dream too big, but at least I dream, right?

1 comment:

Ally said...

when I was sitting at the Getty remembering how I used to be able to draw at museums, I realized I used to draw straight in pen too! :( Now I can't even draw in pencil!