Wednesday, April 28

"Blah blah blah blah..."

Sometimes when I'm sketching at cafes there are very chatty people I end up getting stuck next to. Last night was one of those nights. Ryan and I were sketching at The Grove and these two girls next to us were having a completely contrived conversation about guys and how scumbaggy they all are. I ended up sketching the really obnoxious one because this girl would just not stop talking about all of her ex's and how "stupid" she was when she was 20 and how boys don't have feelings and all about Chicago and how she was "sooooo over it. Seriously, I'm like SO, SO, SO over Chi-Town."

Like I said, an awful conversation to have to be sat next to, and exaccerbated by the fact that she was speaking at a volume usually reserved for Ringmasters in a circus.

But either way, I got a hilarious sketch out of her antics and a bunch of others that made me feel pretty happy. So, yay. Oh and one mini-self-portrait of me trying to think of what to draw because I couldn't think of what to draw. Mmm paradoxicalities.

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