Monday, February 23

Little... Green Riding Hood? Olive? Guacamole?

Again with the sleep thing. I'll do it soon enough! Just let me post this and then I'll go, I swear.

Oh, and, one thing before that; Slumdog Millionaire won best picture? Really? I don't know, this last year sucked for film that weren't of the comic book genre. I'm hoping that with the way the shitty economy is going, we'll get better quality independent films this year. Yay economic crisis!


bunnydee said...

the colors in this remind me of something lord of the rings-ish. Is she wearing a corset? anyway I like it.

Tanith said...

yeah very lord of the ring-ish huh? hehe that's a good thing :) it's just supposed to be an old medieval style dress, i'm bad and didn't use any references! maybe they had corsets built into them?