Saturday, October 20

Mr. Longbottom.

Neville is another of my favorite characters. Now, as it might look, in my drawing he doesn't seem to be the fat little kid that most people picture. So first, I should have probably digressed this earlier, that these are portraits of the characters as I see them in the 7th book. It's the image in my mind that is most clear to me. They've grown with me as I've read their stories and now picturing them as 11 year-olds is very strange. So in my mind, as Neville grew older, he may not have grown a whole lot taller, but he grew enough to lose his baby fat, which I would think would attribute to some of his newfound confidence as well.

The only strange part about Neville that I didn't really think about was his hair color; I had always pictured him with medium brown hair. While researching the appearancs of all the characters I'm working on (remember, this is an excercise in creating other people's character ideas) I found that JK had him as a short, tubby, blonde boy! Well... I suppose Neville could have blonde hair, and well, if she says so, then that's what I gots to make it.


alexandra said...

I also never pictured Neville as chubby. I actually always pictured him as this little african american boy with an english accent. I felt like he was wrongly cast in the movie, but also in the books. Perhaps in the 7th movie he will grow out of his baby fat. :D

Tanith said...

well, I don't know if you've seen the 4th and 5th movies, but the actor has definitely outgrown the baby fat - and is taller than everyone except Fred and George o.0

and surprisingly enough, you're the second person I've read to have thought he was black. and I guess in england he'd be african briton huh? lol