Wednesday, October 17

Ginny for Ginerva!

Ginny is probably my favorite female character in the whole Harry Potter world. Though there are tons of fantastic females in the stories, I always thought there was something extra poignant about Ginny. She had to stand up for herself a lot because she was the only girl in a family of boys, and it definitely made her a tough cookie. While I love her name, I had the misfortune of knowing someone who went by the name "Ginny" and her egocentric, obsessive, and often snobby attitude sort of gave a taint to the name "Ginny"... until I realized that her name was short for "Virginia" and the other was short for nothing even close - Ginerva.

A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. The same goes for rotten cabbage.

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Ally Zedalis said...

yup, that's a weasley :)