Monday, June 4

New sketches, concept art.

I'm usually very creative with blog titles, but when it comes to art posts, I really fall flat - sorry guys.

Anyways, I've been working on filling up the new sketchbook and decided to post a few things from it. The first is just something I drew last night because I wanted to work on more coloring in photoshop, so this is a rough coloring, basically just alying down the colors and shadows. Hopefully this will finish into a nice illustration.

The next is some sketching I did trying to work on more backgrounds for The Lamp Post story. Just brown ink pen.

And last but not least, I am trying to work on my charicatures, so I drew a picture of Simon Pegg from Shaun of the Dead. It's the picture that's on my desktop, so that made it easier hehe.

I love you Simon Pegg.


Ally Zedalis said...

Very nice--the Photoshop piece is looking good. Good thing you've got a Wacom! :D I like your perspective sketches too, especially the top left one. It looks like a small European town. The bottom left one looks interesting--is that a twisty tree? And the caricature is cute :)

Hoshi Neko said...

I really like your perspective pictures...we need to have a sketching day where we draw buildings because I totally need to get better at it and you're really good at it! :D I always really liked your layout stuffs! >_< That's something that I'm going to be kicking my own ass with this new project.

Tanith said...

ally - haha yeah, i'll have to thank morgan some day for letting me borrow the wacom... or just buy my own :-P but yeah, the sketch in the bottom corner i didn't really finish, but yeah, the tree was going to be a crazy twisty one... but i gave up!

vanessa - thanks! layouts are really tough for me too... you just gotta treat them like a character and not worry so much about perspective lines being perfect. let's definitely go and sketch buildings sometime! i need the practice...

Ally Zedalis said...

haha yeah and when I'm drawing perspective buildings I've always got the ruler out. :P The lines not being perfect is some good advice.