Saturday, February 12

At last!

I know that a lot of times I post things on here that aren't finished. I post the progress and I never post the finished piece. Well, today, that has changed. While being inspired by the Harry Potter illustration I'm working on (yes, still working on it!), I took a break to finish coloring another piece that I started ages ago. I feel like in the last two months my digital painting skills improved so much that I was able to finish this piece in about three hours from where I left off.

I will definitely be making prints of this, so if anybody wants one, let me know!

PS! - Click to see the HIGH RES version! :D


bunnydee said...

shes lovely! and looks like you:)

Tanith said...

aw thank you!! i guess this picture is pretty much all that i love so i'm sort of in it too hehe.