Wednesday, April 1

Storyreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel!! *GASP*

For the past two weeks I've been pounding out storyboard thumbs. I want to finish a short film by this summer. I know that seems ambitious, but holy cow, I can work when I want to. I realized that last night when it was suddenly 1am and I hadn't looked at the clock since 10pm. Much like tonight actually... except it's now 2am. I'm just waiting for my quicktime file to finish rendering out in after effects. This is a rough-run through, and there are things I haven't drawn very well through, like the beginning - you will actually see the man and woman's face who are in silhouette, and Prudence (that's the girl) won't start walking immediately; she will be looking in at them and then start walking away obviously distrought. Maybe even wipe a tear away as she turns. Also, the shot where she is looking back at the ship (which is drawn terribly!) you'll see the shadows and silhouettes of all the people inside dancing around. Also, the man in the locket picture is the man you see at the beginning with the woman.

Anyways, it just beeped at me so I'm going to check it out and upload it!

p.s. - there's sound too!


Alexandra Zedalis said...

Awesome!! It's a little hard to see I'm sure because of the upload. I didn't know you had a new short idea--I thought you were working on the lamppost one. Looks awesome though! Love the sound too.

Heather Messegee said...

Freaking gorgeous, babe!!! The music and drawings are both just absolutely amazing. I can't wait to see more! :D