Wednesday, September 3

The Horned Goddess

So I've started doing paintings on rad these watercolor boards that I only found out about last week. Since I'm a complete moron when it comes to acrylics and oils, I haven't been able to really just do a watercolor painting and be done without worrying about the paper wrinkling and framing it and all that bullshit, so I'm really excited about this mini project!

This is the first one I've done, and honestly, it turned out really well after I'd all but completely given up on it. I think that once you start to worry less about the perfection it ends up working out much better. Now if I could only think of something for the next painting... I haven't been feeling so well lately so my inspiration sort of only comes in short spurts. I think I'll peruse my Brian Froud art book for Labyrinth. Be ready for lots of gross creepy goblins or something soon!

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Alexandra Zedalis said...

I always had fun with watercolor pencils--sometimes watercolor when I could get it to do what I want. haha.

I'm feeling very uninspired myself as of late. :-/